Is your websites not getting you the results you are looking for?

Here is why your website is “not performing”

Website Content

Is the information on your website written for your clients?

Website Speed

Does your website load fast on all devices? Is your web site easy to use?


Is it easy to contact you, if a client has a question or wants to book a session?

How do you clarify your message?

When a potential client visits your website, they want to know if you essentially can solve their problem.

Most website owners do this by pointing out, who they are and how great they and or which qualification they have.

But does that help the client?

If they find their problem mentioned and well described, they stay and check out more content about their problem. This is trust building. Now they feel understood!

They find that there is a potential solution for their problem offered. Next they check credentials and testimonials. The next action they take is to contact you with questions or want to book and appointment!

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Get more clients with a website that is build for speed

Your visitors want access your website as fast as possible on all devices. The faster your website loads, the happier they are. You have 3-7 seconds to make an impact.

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Get more clients with a website that makes it easy to get in touch.

A potential new client, who reads your content and feels that you can solve their problems, wants to contact you.

Over 60 % of client’s access your website on their smartphone. They see your mobile phone number and tap it to call you. But it does not work. Many people may not have the time to write your number down. They may not return to your website at a later time to contact you.

Making it easy for visitors to contact you, will increase your chances to get more through your website.

There are many ways to make it easier for potential customers to get in touch

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